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Patrick Remfrey's Table Shuffleboard Project.

Patrick's project is fantastic - and check out those ZieglerWorld pucks!

Patrick's Comments:
My unit recently decided to refurbish an old industrial space into a break/heritage room. It took a ton of volunteer work and a lot of donations. One of the key elements was a shuffleboard table which isn't so easy to come by on Okinawa and certainly not for under $2000. I made this for under $500.

Luckily in Japan you can get a 14 foot long, 20" wide, pre-made slab for about $100. It is too soft, 2 feet too short and a little thin, but without this available, I doubt I would have bothered. I have neither the time, space, or clamps needed to put that slab together.

The base is made from 10 mm plywood and a semi-rotten 12 foot 4x4 that we found in a field. I also had on hand an 11 foot long, 3" thick bar of solid aluminum. Seriously. I don't know where it came from, but we had to get rid of it as part of the rec room project. It was this or recycle. And it added a nice bit of heft to the base. Anyway, I laminated 5 sheets of plywood together to make the cross pieces. A hole is bored in to receive the aluminum bar.

Patrick Remfrey shuffleboard project
Patrick Remfrey shuffleboard project

Patrick Remfrey shuffleboard project
Patrick Remfrey shuffleboard project

Justin Littell shuffleboard project

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