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Here are some pictures of Steve P's American Rebound refinishing project.

Steve P's Refinishing Project
The board was dropped off after being stored in a barn.
There was water damage that warped the board.
Steve P's Refinishing Project
It was delivered partially disassembled. I could not find a photo of the board on the Internet, so I never knew what it was supposed to look like until it was restored and re-assembled.

Steve P's Refinishing Project
The playing surface was split with wedges to re-glue and clamp in a jig. This reestablished a flat cross-slope. The maple surface was originally constructed with many metal pins and glued, then clamped together.
Steve P's Refinishing Project
A large planer was not available, so the board was sanded in place using an orbital sander with 150 grit paper.

Steve P's Refinishing Project
A two-part, self leveling, polymer epoxy was poured on the surface and spread with a notched trowel. I used more than one gallon of epoxy for complete coverage and averaged 1/8" thickness. The underlying numbers were a vinyl decal.
Steve P's Refinishing Project
All screws were replaced with stainless steel hardware. Most original hardware was bent or unuseable. New ss corner brackets were fabricated.

Steve P's Refinishing Project
The bumpers were re-used as new natural gum rubber material is not yet available. The bumpers were covered with a rubberized-back pool table felt . Original Leg levelers were carriage bolts, replaced w/composite levelers.
Steve P's Refinishing Project
Ready to play!


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