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Here are some pictures of Thomas Mierzwa's refinishing project.

Mierzwa Refinishing Project
Table surface at start (note dings and cracked finish).
Mierzwa Refinishing Project
Spot patching those dings and chipped wood.
Durham Water Putty used to patch the dings & dents.

Mierzwa Refinishing Project
Table at end of 220 grit sanding.
Mierzwa Refinishing Project
More patching whole length.

Mierzwa Refinishing Project
First coat of a clear sanding sealer (clear shellac)
Zissner Clear Shellac 4#.
Mierzwa Refinishing Project
The table is Finished with Min-Wax High Gloss Clear
urethane - $29.95 a gallon.

Mierzwa Refinishing Project
Table is hand sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.
Urethane is applied again with a foam brush and
finished with long strokes the length of the table.
Urethane is allowed to self level.
Mierzwa Refinishing Project
View of the Table - 16 feet, 8 inches.

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