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1948 Photos of Wilson's Bar/Restaurant in San Diego

Wilson's, 2105 National Avenue, San Diego, CA
I think these photos might have been taken just before "Wilson's" opened for business, in 1948. The operating license on the wall is dated 1948. I'm guessing its opening day because there are several bouquets of flowers, looking like those good luck bouquets new businesses receive. By the way the potato chips were 10 cents a bag. A sign on the wall invites you to play Western Shuffleboard, over the Western Shuffleboard game. Large Coke picture advertising signs adorn the walls. On the back of one of the photos is a note "Dear Mom & Dad, This is what used to be our grocery store. We're now back to work but not so hard." The photos were taken by and stamped Kay Coull Photos 2600 First Ave -M-7897 San Diego, California.

Wilson's Bar Shuffleboard Picture

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