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 Table Shuffleboard Care Tips
Monthly - Clean Your Board

Use Shuffleboard Cleaner/Glaze to remove all old powdered wax & shuffleboard silicone buildup on your table. Buff your table with a cloth, or Shuffleboard Board Wipe. Let stand for 15 minutes before playing.

Weekly - Prepare Your Board Apply Liquid Shuffleboard Wax. This prevents dry or dead spots. Wait for 30 minutes before playing.

Before Each Game

1) Apply Shuffleboard Silicone spray before each game. Shuffleboard Silicone spray will cut down on your use of powdered wax.

2) Use your favorite powdered speed wax depending on table size and your desired degree of difficulty.

Triple Crown Maintenance Kit

Purchase Your Maintenance Kit
The Triple Crown Maintenance Kit includes:

Glaze/Cleaner - Removes dirt and grime. Leaves a fresh, clean glaze for a smooth fast finish.

Liquid Wax - Provides a protective coating to your table for a smooth fast finish. It also prevents dry or dead spots.

Silicone Spray - Provides a base after the liquid wax has dried, and before you use your favorite powdered wax. Triple Crown is formulated for Shuffleboard games and can also be used on Foosball & Stick Hockey Games.

The Triple Crown Maintenance Kit can be purchased under the "Maintenance Kits" section.

Powdered Wax

Purchase Your Favorite Powdered Wax

Put down your favorite powdered wax - An example of a powder wax would be Sun-Glo Super Glide (Speed #1) Wax. This wax is the Super Fastest powder - Pure silicone ball bearings. Super Glide powder gives you the game with the most challenge. Finesse and touch are the key to winning with this powder. One of our best sellers.

Powdered Wax can be purchased under the "Shuffleboard Waxes" section.

Shuffleboard Table Wipe


Wipe your Board Clean

Our Board Wipe is Specially made to keep your table clean and remove dirt, dust and old Silicone.

Board Wipes can be purchased under the "Shuffleboard Accessories" section.

Have Fun!

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*Prices assume US deliveries. For shipping costs to other locations, please contact us.