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Billy Mays Table Shuffleboard Trick Shots

Shuffleboard Trick Shots by Billy Mays

Want to learn more about Billy Mays? Here are two articles:
Sherrington: Here's to shuffleboard legend Billy Mays, the greatest hustler who ever lived
Billy Mays passed away 6/11/2015
 • The Hustle Of Texas Billy (Sports Illustrated)

A Beer Commercial Featuring Table Shuffleboard!

Want to Learn How to Play Shuffleboard Like Billy Mays?

Billy Mays Video
How to Play Shuffleboard the Right Way

Purchase his 4 Chapter Instructional DVD Featuring the 27 Time World Champion! This must have instruction dvd features lessons from 27 time world champion Billy Mays. Billy Mays breaks down his 60 years of secrets into 3 easy to follow chapters from the beginner to pro player. Starting with the basic shots and proper way to hold a weight to complex strategy, this DVD has it all.

About Billy Mays:
Throughout his lifetime, Billy has hustled millions of dollars from unfortunate players around the world. Billy not only teaches you how to properly play shuffleboard, he explains how he evolved the game into the way it is played today.


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