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Table Shuffleboard became popular in the early 1940's when taverns and restaurants placed shuffleboard tables at their businesses so that customers would stay longer and spend more money.

Many pictures of table shuffleboards from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's still exist. ZieglerWorld has worked with a number of private and public entities to preserve pictures from that era.

If you have pictures and that you would like to share with others, please email us at

ZieglerWorld Contributor's Picture Gallery

Central Tavern Champion Sales Shuffleboard
Click Here to see images purchased from Tacoma Public Library.

John McGray's pictures
Click Here to see John McGray's shuffleboard pictures
When It Was a Game
Click Here to see pictures by
"When It Was A Game"
USS Roosevelt Shuffleboard Pictures
Click Here to see pictures of the USS Roosevelt Shuffleboard
Syd's Shuffleboard
Click Here to see pictures of Syd's Shuffleboard
Cascarelli's Shuffleboard
Click Here to see pictures of Cascarelli's Shuffleboard

Click Here to see pictures of
the Deluxe Cafe League
Wilson's Bar
Click Here to see pictures of Wilson's Bar Shuffleboard
Shuffleboard Wichita KansasShuffleboard Wichita Kansas
Click Here to see pictures of Wichita, Kansas Shuffleboard
Michael's Inn
Click Here to see pictures of Michael's Inn, Scarsdale, NY
Erin-Go-Bragh shuffleboard picture
Erin Go Bragh Shuffleboard Picture
Erin-Go-Bragh shuffleboard picture
NYC Tavern Shuffleboard Table (1940s)
Jacks landing Shuffleboard table
Shuffleboard at "The Bar at Jack's Landing, Hillman, Michigan
Miscellaneous Old Time Shuffleboard tables
Miscellaneous Old Time Photos


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