ZieglerWorld Tips How to Run a Tournament Bracket

Decide how many teams will be entered in your tournament.  Try to have an even amount of teams in multiples of 4.

Determine if your tournament will be a single or double elimination format.  

  • The single elimination tournament is best when you have a large number of teams and a short amount of time.
  • The double elimination tournament is the best type of tournament if you have a longer time frame to complete all of the games – there are twice the number of games in a double elimination format versus single elimination tournament.

Decide if your format will be seeded or a blind draw.  

  • Seeded tournaments – teams are ranked by their playing ability with better teams playing lower ability teams in the earlier rounds.
  • Blind Draw tournaments – a random pick determines playing order.

Get a tournament bracket.  You can print a FREE tournament bracket from www.ErasableTournamentBrackets.com or purchase a reusable bracket if you plan on playing tournaments in the future.