What is the best Table Shuffleboard Powder Wax?

Powdered Shuffleboard Wax

Table Shuffleboard Powder Wax is usually made from a mixture of cornmeal, Silicone and sometimes walnut shells. Table shuffleboard powder is sometimes called shuffleboard cheese, salt, dust, sawdust or sand.

There are three main types of powder wax – Yellow, Brown and White. Yellow is made from cornmeal with a sprinkle of Silicone. Brown is made from walnut shells with a sprinkle of silicone. White is pure silicone.

The longer the table shuffleboard, the more silicone you need to propel the puck and less cornmeal/walnut shells. Smaller tables – you need the slower powders as the faster speeds will propel the pucks off the table on small tables. Here is a quick comparison reference guide on different brand waxes on different size tables: http://www.zieglerworld.com/table-shuffleboard-care.htm