What Are The Best Table Shuffleboard Pucks for My Table?

Table Shuffleboard Pucks are available in Medium Or Large Sizes.

Large pucks are 2 5/16 inches in Diameter measured at the middle and 2 1/8 measured at the cap. Large pucks are used on tables 14 feet or longer. Medium pucks are 2 1/8 inches in Diameter measured at the middle and 1 7/8 measured at the cap. Medium pucks are used on tables 12 feet or shorter and on tables 14 feet or longer by expert players.

There are 5 major Table Shuffleboard Puck Weight Brands – ZieglerWorld, Triple Crown, American, Sun-Glo and Tournament.

ZieglerWorld pucks are available in 21 colors to match your favorite team. They have screw-on interchangeable caps – if one cap breaks you only have to replace the cap and not the whole puck. ZieglerWorld pucks can be customized with a logo. They are made in the USA.

Triple Crown pucks are only available in Red/Blue colors and are very popular with the professional player since they are made to exacting weight standards. They have snap on glue caps.

American Brand Pucks have been popular for years – they have screw-on caps similar to ZieglerWorld and are only available in Red/Blue colors.

Sun-Glo Premium pucks have a higher profile and a unique cap pattern for getting english on your throw. They have thicker caps that snap on.

Tournament Pucks are made in China(Versus the others above in the USA). They are less expensive and popular in bars where sometimes the pucks “walk away”. They have flatter sides which sometimes creates plowing.

Puck Comparison Chart
Table Shuffleboard Puck Comparison Chart

You can find a complete selection on Table Shuffleboard pucks at ZieglerWorld by clicking here!