Table Shuffleboard Dimensions

When making a shuffleboard table, here are the dimensions used by the major manufacturers: Advertised Size Box / Cradle Length Box / Cradle Width Box / Cradle Height Playing Surface Length Playing Surface Width Playing Surface Height Puck Diameter (inches) 9 Foot 9′ 31″ 33″ 8′ 16″ 30″ 2  1/8″(Med) 12 Foot 12′ 31″ 33″ … Read more Table Shuffleboard Dimensions

Build Your Own Shuffleboard Table

Our Table Shuffleboard Plan Booklet – Written by master build Allen Boldt of AB Shuffleboard has sold over 9,000 copies. Free support provided by Allen when building your table. Build the table of your dreams with this booklet! See Our Video – 3 Common Mistakes in Building a DYI Shuffleboard Table