Table Shuffleboard Puck Plowing

Shuffleboard Plowing is an issue when the puck weight is traveling from one end to another and creates a trail “plowing” through the powder wax. This can occur due to a few reasons:

  1. Most Common – Table Shuffleboard Pucks. Most American made pucks have a rounded bevel around the bottom sides of the pucks. Some of the inexpensive pucks such as the Tournament Grade Pucks which are made outside of the United States are cheaper as they are manufactured with straight bottom sides like a hockey puck. This can cause plowing.
  2. Wet Board – Not allowing the Liquid Cleaner, Liquid Wax or Silicone Spray to dry on the board and than adding powder wax could create “Clumping” and thus plowing.
  3. Humidity/Moisture in Powder Wax — If you store your powder wax next to a basement wall, on a basement concrete floor or next to a window – this could create moisture in the powder wax and create “Clumping” and thus plowing.
  4. New Board – Sometimes refinishing a board with epoxy will create a fast board. Without some wear on the board the powder wax doesn’t have any grip and creates plowing. A couple of customers have done this and went over the board with fine sandpaper – gently – and this little change stopped the plowing.