Shuffleboard Wax Nut Allergy

A number of customers have Nut Allergies and ask about Table Shuffleboard Powder Wax. Powdered wax is usually made from a mixture of cornmeal, Silicone and sometimes walnut shells.
There are three main types of powder wax – Yellow, Brown and White. Yellow is made from cornmeal with a sprinkle of Silicone. Brown is usually made from walnut shells with a sprinkle of silicone. White is pure silicone.

Most brands of wax package the yellow and white powders on the same line as the brown powder waxes – so although the yellow and white do not directly contain walnut shells, they can have trace amounts.

What should you do if you have a peanut allergy? The safest way to prep your shuffleboard table is to use a maintenance kit liquid wax along with a silicone spray. The liquid wax will keep the table fast, the silicone spray will add additional speed. This is the safest way to play if you have a peanut allergy!