3 Table Shuffleboard Must Have Accessories

Every Home Shuffleboard should have the following 3 accessories for Family Fun:

  1. Table Shuffleboard Bowling
Table Shuffleboard Bowling

Every home table should have a table shuffleboard bowling game. Add 10 pins and the fun begins! ZieglerWorld package comes with a rule booklet, 10 pins, pinsetter, Ball, erasable scoresheet and pen.

  1. Board Wipe Sweep
Board Wipe Sweep

Simply put, you need a board wipe sweep! The board wipe cleans the table of unwanted powder and readies the table for liquid wax — or just sweep the old powder wax and put down the new stuff. A must have!

  1. T-Square

A T-Square is used to measure who is in a better winning position. You can find the Sun-Glo T-Square here on Amazon!